14 kitchen tricks that you should know

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Soups and Broths

Broth Soup

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When you make soup, you want to transfer the flavor of the vegetables and the meat to the broth, so you add salt to the sauce and the water at room temperature. But when cooking meat or chicken as the main course, the goal is for the broth to stay inside, the reason why you add the salt to the water later, when the meat already is cooked.

Fish and Chicken are the Healthiest Meats


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These foods, which provide mainly proteins, form tissues and promote growth. Chicken fat can be easily removed by removing the skin. Fish is healthier because its fat protects against heart disease.

Cabbage and the Cauliflower

Cauliflower, Cabbage

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They contain sulfur compounds with a strong odor. The more you cook them, the worse they smell; but they will have obtained a better flavor and to diminish the smell, add a slice of bread to the water in which they are cooking.

Problems With the Bottom of the Pan

If something was burned in your pan, boil an onion or a potato peel for 15 minutes. For the waste that remains when boiling water several times, use this trick: boil water with vinegar and let it sit for 24 hours.



This term is applied to marine animals that lack a spine, especially mollusks, and crustaceans; characterized by the delicacy of their meats and their peculiar color, which makes them highly valued in the kitchen.
Some species of shellfish are eaten raw. Remember that overcooking hardens them and makes them lose their properties.

The Salt


Its use in the kitchen is almost indispensable, although in excess it can be harmful. Products that are already salted (red meats, fish, and others) should never be boiled to desalinate them because the salt then becomes more fixed in them. The right thing to do is to soak them in water, so they lose the salt.


To revive musty lettuce, wash in cold water. In the refrigerator, this vegetable becomes lasts if its leaves are wrapped in wet paper towels or placed in a perforated bag. Thus, it will receive the necessary humidity and air to be fresh.

Raw Onion

For those people who are bothered by the smell of raw onions, if they cut a small piece of bread and place it on the tip of the knife, your eyes will not moisten. Once the onion is peeled, it is advised that it should be left a minimum of half an hour in the water, and then season with salt and oil. If you make a blend in the blender and keep it refrigerated, it keeps all its properties as if it were raw.

Fresh Herbs

They will stay fresh for a week in the refrigerator if you wrap them in paper towels and place them inside a plastic bag. Cut, press or crush the herbs just before using them. Buy dried herbs and spices in the smallest amount possible, as they lose flavor over time and with exposure to air.

Flowers in the Food


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Flowers have been used in the kitchen since forever, in cultures such as the Hindu or the Greek, which is not surprising, since, in addition to a pleasant taste and smell, flowers give dishes an added dose of beauty that makes them more attractive. It is important to buy them shortly before using them: the fresher they are, the better they will preserve their flavor and aroma.


The leaves and stems of cilantro are added to salads, soups, loaves of bread, stews, sauces, and different kinds of butter. The seeds are used to flavor sweet dishes, loaves of bread and sausages. It is also one of the ingredients used in curry.

Stained Kitchen Towels

Moisten and wash them with salt as if it were a detergent: Leave them in the sun until they dry. Wash them later so you can see how new they look.

The Grease Embedded in the Kitchen

The grease stuck to the tiles and walls can be removed by soaking a cloth in two cups of vinegar, a cup of warm water and a little detergent, then clean the surfaces and see the results.

Eliminate Strong Smells in Your Kitchen

You can eliminate the smell of fish from your hands, by rubbing them with a lemon. This odor is produced by the nitrogenous components in the fish, so the lemon acid will change the nitrogen components; eliminate them by rinsing your hands under the cold water after using the lemon.

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